Old-storyYou’re sitting at the table
Sipping your favourite tea
Feeling ever so unlovable
And just hating reality
A picture on the wall
is not much to recall
This long distance lover
who could haunt you forever
He’d travelled from afar,
kept your destiny ajar
Took a short cut to your heart
and managed to make it spark
Hey hey, are you sorry?
Hey hey, don’t you worry
Hey hey hey, same old story
Is he still coming back
or have you lost his track
There is no one to blame
‘cause it’s all part of the game
We all live, we all die, we all laugh, we all cry
Don’t go and hold back the tide,
you couldn’t if you tried
The silence in the room
is holding this old tune
But you’re dancing with your shadow
and you’re flirting with the moon
‘cause that’s all there is tonight,
a silver glowing light
And a smile on a picture,
the rest is just a blur
Your hope is out of tune,
pain always comes too soon
You’ve heard it all before,
nothing is ever sure
But you’ve been here for a while,
long enough to learn to smile
And to mock the tricks of time,
and to stop saying: you’re mine
Well if your heart is a place
where there’s no fear to face
Move closer to the wall,
say good-bye once and for all
All you’ve got now is today,
hold on to your sanity
And the lips in the picture will kiss eternity
And while your thoughts unfold
Your tea has gotten cold
But it does’nt matter any more
Nor does the picture on the wall

Carole Marie, January 2010